Guide to the Tokyo Subway 1-3 Day Pass (2018 Update)

A how-to guide for the Tokyo subway pass that saves you money and time. The pass is valid in 24, 48, and 72-hour intervals for the Tokyo Metro and Toei Subway lines, which reach nearly 200 stations. Please think of the Tokyo Subway Pass as the equivalent of an all-access pass for the New York Subway, the Toronto TTC, and the London Tube (in our dreams). This means that the pass works for Tokyo city’s extensive subway lines, but not for inter-city trains such as Amtrak, the GO Trains, or the British national railway companies. Please read below for further…

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Migrants Pride Hong Kong 2018 Event Recap

This is an event recap and photo essay for the 4th Migrants’ Pride Hong Kong, organized by Gabriela Hong Kong, The Filipino Lesbians Organization, Filguys Gabriela Association, Share HK, The UNITY Association, Nepali Workers Association, Auto8a, The Same Same Different Association. The parade took place on Nov. 18 in Central, Hong Kong.


Historical Tokyo Walk: Nihonbashi – Fukagawa

My English translation and embellishment of the Nihonbashi-Fukagawa route (日本橋本所深川コース) from the Sanpo Reikibun. Major sites covered along the route include: Nihonbashi, Mitsukoshi flagship store, Tokyo Stock Exchange, haiku poet Mastuo Basho’s neighbourhood, the Fukagawa Fudoson, Tomioka Hachimangu, Kiyosumi Garden, Ryugoku Gokugikan, Former Yasuda Garden, Edo Tokyo Museum, Karamae Bridge.

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The grassroots LGBT+ activists behind the celebrities and headlines

An op-ed in response to the Hong Kong media’s focus on the politics behind Pussy Riot and lack of attention to the Miles of Love LGBTQ travel advocacy forum co-organized by Planet Ally and All Out (UK) that brought Olga Kurachyova and Nika Nikulshina, as well as many internationally accomplished activists, to Hong Kong.

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Hong Kong LGBTQ Travel Advocacy Conference – Miles of Love Highlights

An event recap for the Miles of Love LGBTQ travel advocacy forum organized by Planet Ally and All Out as a part of Pink Season Hong Kong 2018, hosted by Eaton HK. Presenters included a TED Fellow, CEOs, members of Pussy Riot, founders of NGOs, trans FIFA and Paralympian athletes, co-founder of an LGBT cryptocurrency, LGBT Token, and many more.