In conversation with: Kay Strasser

Kay Strasser

It was still a numbingly hot afternoon by the time we wandered out around 2pm to find food around Kandawgyi Lake. Right inside the entrance gate of a posh German institute is a roadside food stall, run by a family that is / used to be guards for the mansion.

Kay, German-Burmese by heritage, had just returned a few days prior from a trip to the conflict-ridden, hilly, and isolated northern Chin state, where he had gone to discover local education innovators. Apart from riding broken and muddy paths (no roads), and sleeping in huts, he tells the stories of a monastery school with 7000+ students and fitted with the likes of a woodworking studio, a school principal in Kalemyo who grew her class from her home to 300+ students, and university students who opened their own informal classes and buy cakes for the 60 odd kids they teach.

Lunch on the Street in Yangon

Sitting in the low chairs of the food stall, stuffed, and in the comfort of the shade, we kept pouring tea, sipping, and chatting away the afternoon.

His next mission? To further his research by driving a modified truck / bus through these isolated areas to connect and support the communities and leaders he’s met. You can find out more on his Facebook page and his project

*Note: All profiles are personal conversations I have with fascinating and inspiring people, and not sponsored or solicited.*

Kay Strasser is a photographer, Intuitive Hacker, Co-Founder of

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