Vegetarian Tokyo Map: Restaurant Guide for Locals & Travellers

**As this blog will be deleted by December, 2020.
The information in this post was moved to**

For those vegan and vegetarian friends travelling in Japan, is a tricky place! Many dishes have lots of vegetable options, but have hidden fish stock or ingredients.

This post provides some restaurants for Tokyo close to the main areas and attractions. I also have a post on useful vocabulary and safe dishes for vegetarians and vegans.

Please note that the map is a work in progress, and some shops in the map are not on the list and vice versa. Shout out to the awesome Redditors who contributed to the map. Please get in touch if you have places you love.

Vegetarian Restaurant List

You can get the list at:
Or otherwise have a look at:  Time Out Tokyo, Happy Cow Tokyo, Tsunagu Japan, Veggie Tokyo, Tokyo Vegan’s Club (Japanese)
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14 thoughts on “Vegetarian Tokyo Map: Restaurant Guide for Locals & Travellers

  1. Hi there, I don’t know if this is still current but you should add the pink cow! Their burritos are a dream 🙂


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