Vegetarian Tokyo Map: Restaurant Guide for Locals & Travellers

For those vegan and vegetarian friends travelling in Japan, is a tricky place! Many dishes have lots of vegetable options, but have hidden fish stock or ingredients.

This post provides some restaurants for Tokyo close to the main areas and attractions. I also have a post on useful vocabulary and safe dishes for vegetarians and vegans.

Please note that the map is a work in progress, and some shops in the map are not on the list and vice versa. Shout out to the awesome Redditors who contributed to the map. Please get in touch if you have places you love.

Vegetarian Restaurant List

Many of these places are also vegan. You can check the menu first. If you are at an Indian restaurant, some may serve the egg-contained naan bread. This is a consolidation of various lists, and focus on areas that travellers often visit. The areas in bold have links to their Google map location.

Note: The list below and the map do not necessarily correspond. The map has been updated since July 2016.

$=less than 1,000yen
$$= 1,000yen – 3,000yen


Sites: Den Den Town, Maid Cafes, Gundam Cafe, Anime & Otaku Shops

Kamakura Fushikian Vegan Japanese, Buddhist. $$
Aoyama Brown Rice Cafe  Organic Cafe $-$$
der Akkord,Vegan Organic Bakery & Deli $-$$
GAYA,Macrobiotic $$-$$$
Asagaya Kumari (Asagaya) Nepali/Indian $$

Sites: Senso-ji (the famous temple with the pagoda, and the lantern entrance) street stalls and restaurants.

Kaemon Asakusa Vegan, Japanese, Organic $$-$$$
Azabujuban / Minami Azabu

Sites: It’s the government and corporate offices.

Homework’s (Hiroo, Azabujuban, Kyobashi) American style sandwiches $-$$
King Falafel (Minami-Azabu), Middle Eastern $-$$
Take-out only
Ebisu Kunpira (Ebisu), Nepalese
Good Honest Grub (Ebisu), Burger Shop $$
Udon Dedesuke (Kanda, Ebisu) Japanese $-$$$
Ta-Im (Ebisu) Middle Eastern $$-$$
TAO (Shibuya / Ebisu), $$
Edogawabashi Miraishoku Atrie Fu: Tsubu-Tsubu Cafe (Edogawabashi), Macrobiotic-like $-$$
Ekoda Shamaim (Ekoda), Jewish $$

Sites: Asakasa Palace, Meiji Jingu National Stadium

Shanghai (Gaienmae) Chinese $$
Nataraj (Ogikubo, Gaienmae, Ginza) Indian $-$$


Sites: A famous shopping area with designer brands. Also close to Tsukiji Market.

Nataraj (Ginza) Indian $-$$
Hiroo Homework’s (Hiroo) American style sandwiches $-$$
Hongo3chome (Hongo-san-chome)

Sites: Tokyo University, Ueno Park, Ueno Zoo, Koishikawa Garden, Tokyo Dome

Fire House (Hongo San-chome), American Diner $

Sites: Yasukuni Shrine

Healthy Kan (Ichigaya), Japanese $$

Sites: Sunshine City, West Gate Park, (It’s the location for many popular animes, mangas, and novels)

Rohlan (Ikebukuro),Vegetarian Chinese $$

Ain Soph.SoarVegan, Japanese, Western, Juice bar, Beer/Wine, Fusion $$ 

Iriya Bon* (Iriya), Buddhist $$$$
On this list because it’s one of the most recommended vegetarian restaurants in Tokyo.
Ishikawadai Namasute (Ishikawadai), Indian
Jingumae / Meijijingu-Mae (Harajuku)

Sites: Meiji Shrine, Yoyogi Park, Harajuku

Las Chicas(Jingumae) International $$ (w/ Peter’s review)
Mominoki House (Jingumae), Natural Food $$-$$$
Kamiyacho Nirvanam (Kamiyacho), South Indian, $$
Kanda / Jimbocho

Sites: Jimbocho is famous for its bookstores (mostly Japanese).

Udon Dedesuke (Kanda, Ebisu) Japanese $-$$$

Gaia Shokudo (Kandasurugadai, 3/F of building) Vegan, Japanese $$

Loving Hut (Jimbocho) Taiwanese, Buddhist $$


Sites: Studio Ghibli Museum

Deva Deva Cafe (Kichijoji), Vegetarian Cafe $-$$
Monk’s Foods (Kichijoji), Natural Food $$
Kinshicho It’s Vegetable (Kinshicho), Taiwanese Vegetarian $-$$

Sites: Ginza, Tokyo Station, the Imperial Palace

Dhaba India (Kyobashi) Indian $$
Homework’s (Hiroo, Azabujuban, Kyobashi) American style sandwiches $-$$

Sites: Tokyo Station, Imperial Palace

Tan Tan (Ramen, Tokyo Station) $-$$
Nakano Korinbo (Nakano), Chinese $-$$
Govinda’s (Nakano), Indian $$
Cafe Rappa, Vegan, Pizza, Japanese, Western $$
Nezu  Nezu no Ya (Nezu), Macrobiotic $-$$

Cafe the 6BT  Japanese, Fushion $$

Ogikubo Guruppe (Ogikubo), Japanese $$
Nataraj (Ogikubo, Takadanobaba), Indian $-$$

Sites: Meijijingu-Mae, Harajuku, Meiji Shrine (in Yoyogi Park)

Crayon House (Omotesando), Natural Food $$
Pure Cafe [in AVEDA shop] (Omotesando), Vegan Cafe $-$$

Sites: Tokyo Skytree

Amara (6/F Tokyo Skytree), Indian $-$$

Sites: Imperial Palace, Tokyo Station

Salon de Cafe (Otemachi) Cafe $-$$

Sites: Roppongi Hills

Toraya Cafe (Roppongi) Japanese Cafe $-$$
Sendagi Darjilin (Sendagi), India $$

Sites: Hachiko Statue, Shibuya Crossing, Tokyu Hands, Yoyogi Park

ECRU (Daikanyama), Vegetarian $$
Down to Earth (Daikanyama), International $$
Kantipur (Shibuya), Nepalese $$
TAO (Shibuya / Ebisu), $$

Sites: Government Observation Buildings, Yakitori Alley, Shinjuku Ni-Chome

AEN (Shinjuku) Japanese $$ (added Hiroko’s comment on 4/19/2002)
Chaya Macrobiotic Restaurant (Shinjuku), macrobiotic $$-$$$
Ain Soph.Journey (Shinjuku) International, Japanese $$-$$$
Cafe VG (Nishiwaseda) American, Japanese $$

Kanro Shichifukujin Japanese Sweets $

Takadanobaba Lifely (Takadanobaba), Natural Food $-$$
Takebashi Kushi Garden (Takebashi), Macrobiotic $-$$$
Tameikesanno New York Deli (Tameikesanno), Jewish Deli $-$$
Pita the Great (Tameikesanno), Pita Sandwiches $
Toranomon sofa Deli&Cafe (Toranomon), Vegetarian Deli & Cafe $

Sites: Ueno Park, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum, National Museum of Nature and Science, National Museum of Western Art
Sakura Kobo (Ueno) Natural Food $-$$
VEGE HERB SAGA [Indian] $-$$


Uzukino 宇豆基野 本店 $$-$$$
Tofu House Ukai Owada とうふ屋うかい 大和田店 $$$-$$$$
 *Note: The chain Mos Burger may have a kinpira rice burger on the menu that is vegetarian. 

Sources: Time Out Tokyo, Happy Cow Tokyo, Tsunagu Japan, Veggie Tokyo, Tokyo Vegan’s Club (Japanese)

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