Muslim Friendly Tokyo: Mosques, Restaurants, and more!

Halal ramen from Naritaya in Asakusa

Hi there!

I am compiling a map and developing area guides for Muslim-friendly Tokyo.

In the map below, you’ll find restaurants, mosques, and prayer rooms marked. I will add shops in the future as well. If you have any favourites, please leave me a comment here! Thank you!

Please check again for upcoming walking and area guides!

In the meantime, you can check up vegetarian restaurants in Tokyo.

General Chains:

Restaurant Updates:

  • CLOSED permanently: Akdeniz アキデニス (Ikebukuro) Last Updated: March 2016


Halal Groceries:


    1. Thanks. I hope it’s helpful!

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      1. No problem check out my blog when i get the chance

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