Tokyo Sweets: Goma Daifuku at Futaba

Goma Sesame Daifuku Japanese Sweet

Daifuku is one of those big, chewy, sweet red-bean balls of goodness that you can get from every convenience store up to the poshest department stores in the country. In between, you have the old establishments that pass on their family secrets through generations, more focused on getting their sweets right every single day than renovating to match contemporary aesthetics.

In Fukagawa, the old area name for the area that encompasses Kiyosumishiakawa down to Monzenakacho stations, you will find a small shopping street (shotengai) with a mixture of traditional-looking and ordinary neighbrouhood grocery stores. One particular store on this row will have banners, and a man who occasionally steps out, watches people on the street, before stepping back in the dark sliding doors.


This is your destination: the 70-year old Futaba Japanese Sweet shop that has been passed down from father to son. Mori-san is the owner operator who greets you in a gruff, but friendly manner. He knows a few words of English and isn’t shy about trying on new customers!


Their claim to fame is their black sesame daifuku (goma daifuku) that has the little seeds embedded into the mochi skin before it is wrapped around the traditional red-bean paste. He makes a limited batch every day, and by late afternoon, the small tray on his counter is usually empty, so be sure to pick it up early!

His shop is as traditional as it gets with Japanese sweets, especically with the various dried fruit candies in the jars. You can also try his other mochi and the pancakes with red bean filling (dorayaki).

Also try a sample of his four flavours of youkan, the unassuming pinnacle of Japanese confectionary art: a completely smooth, perfectly texutred, sweet block paste. He has a rare set of flavours: green tea (Matcha 抹茶), persimmon (kaki 柿), green plum (ao-ume 青梅), and fig (ichijiku 無花果). Be sure to try a sample, as his sizes and pricing are very reasonable compared to ones in Nihonbashi and Ginza.

Samples of traditional youkan, an understated traditional Japanese sweet locals highly prize.

Good For:

  • Black Sesame Daifuku (goma daifuku ごま大福)
  • Traditional Japanese Paste Dessert (Youkan 羊羹)
Address: Shirakawa 2-chome 2-13, Koto-ku, Tokyo
Hours (Closed Mondays) Daily: 10:00-19:00
営業日 [月定休日] 【火〜日 】 10:00~19:00

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