Tokyo Cafes: Sunshine State Espresso

DSC07001.JPGIn a quirky corner just out of Asakusa and the Tokyo Skytree, you’ll find one of the best-covered verandas for all-weather coffee enjoyment in East Tokyo. The indoor seating includes a communal table, two small tables, and three bar tables. There are at least two outlets for computers, and a WiFi option charged per half-hour for digital nomads.

Sunshine State Espresso is the owner’s second shot at his dream, roasting and serving quality beans. I came on a rainy day, just when he was about to roasting roast another batch on his [model] machine.

Since I was the only guest at the time, I asked him to tell me more about himself and his cafe. The first thing he says is, ‘Every year, I do volunteer work in Fukushima. I go and make coffee up there and donate the profits to the area, because no one else will do it.’


His humility requires some additional prodding. In his past life, he worked in a chemical company. He eventually quit, learned from roasters all over the country, and tried to open his first cafe several years ago. Then, he emphatically says it was horrible, and attributes his failure at the time to his lack of skill and experience. So, he went back to train again for two years.

Since then, he’s come to Sumida-Ku to start again. At Sunshine State, he’s serving the roasts he’s satisfied with, sourced from all over the world. You can ask him more about each of his 70 kg cotton coffee sacks, and he’ll definitely make an effort to speak to you in English.

But even before I sit down, another guest comes in, then another. Eventually, two football stars pay a visit, and a few hours later, another public figure has an interview with a professional photographer at the venue.


I had a long black, which was a bit on the acidic side, but well done. I highly recommend his milk-based espresso options!


His extensive menu is in Japanese, but I’ve translated it below with his permission:
Long Black 
Short Black (Not sure if it’s a ristretto)
Cafe Late
Flat white 

Hand Drip Coffee
Choice of Roast

Dessert Drinks / Espresso-Flavoured Drinks*
(I skipped these)

Tea and Juices
Red tea 
Organic herb tea 
Royal milk tea 
Decaffeinated tea white grape tea
Matcha latte
Chai late 
Milk / soy milk 
Seasonal soda 
Apple juice 

For Little Patrons
Kid’s late 
Kid’s juice
Kid’s ice cream 



Good For:

  • Coffee: Drip coffee, espresso, Aeropress coffee, cold-brew coffee, coffee cocktails, and craft beers
  • Sweets
  • Work: Outlets, WiFi at 1/2 hour rate, indoor tables, outdoor tables (covered area)
  • Friends: Hangouts & catching up
  • Chilling and reading
  • People watching from the front tables and benches outside
  • Cyclists who want a coffee break (space to park under the veranda)
Address: 1-34-7, Honjo, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
Hours (Daily)
営業日 (定休日無し)

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