East Tokyo Cafes: 15 on a Short List

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This is a full map of East Tokyo Cafes, which has many hidden gems missed in popular guides. You should set aside an entire day to explore this entire map, the neighbourhoods, and scenic canals of Koto District (Koto-Ku). If you want a quick tour, I recommend focusing on Kiyosumishirakawa, Oshiage (Tokyo Sky Tree), and Monzen-nakacho (Tomioka Hachimangu, birthplace of professional sumo, and Fukagawa Fudo Temple).

The list includes third-wave espresso bars, drip / pour-over roasters, and a handful of independent lifestyle cafes. I also feature in-depth posts on cafes every week. You can check the homepage for more!

*Note: You can load this map onto your Google Maps App on your Android Phone and iPhone. Japanese addresses are easier to search. English addresses are as provided by Google Maps.

Recent Updates:

  • CLOSED Permanently: Aoni Espresso (Sumida-Ku) as of 2015 December
  • CLOSED Aloha Coffee Lab (Kiba, Koto-Ku) closed as of 2016 March


*Not indicative of quality. The 15 featured here are meant to give you a sample of the types of cafes available throughout the East Side. There are over 30 in the area.

Unlimited Coffee Bar


Unlimited Coffee is the extension of a barista training academy that began several years ago that expanded into small-batch roasting, and finally into a coffee bar for the public, right under the Tokyo Skytree at Oshiage. The drinks (drip and espresso) are technically well executed, but I’d suggest ordering a double shot for the milk-based espresso drinks to get enough flavour. It’s great for people watching and working out of.

Good For: Espresso, pour over, lunch, dessert, drinks (beer taps), work, hang out with friends, reading

1 Chome-18-2 Narihira, Sumida, Tokyo, Japan
東京都墨田区業平1-18-2 1F 〒130-0002

Sunshine State Espresso


Sunshine State Espresso has a communal table and several other tables, as well as a unique covered veranda to work out of. It has WiFi available for rental per half-hour and the owner’s a super friendly and chill guy. It’s a great place to remote work for a day and has a few outlets. It’s a good place to get away from the crowds at Asakusa and Senso-ji.

Good For: Espresso, pour over, dessert, work, hang out with friends, reading

1-34-7 Honjo, Sumida Ku, Tokyo
〒130-0004 東京都墨田区本所1-34-7

Burrow Coffee


Opened in February 2016, this cafe is literally burrowed away in a little alley just off Kiyosumi-Dori. It’s part of a growing number quiet neighbourhood cafes between Ryogoku and Kinshoshicho subway stations that focus more on providing quality roasts and a cup to-go for locals heading to one of the nearby parks. On the counter, you’ll find cards for the other independent cafes around, one of the markers of solidarity between small-shop keepers.

Good For: Espresso, pour over, snacks, reading

1 Chome-2-5 Ishiwara, Sumida, Tokyo 130-0011

Sumida Coffee


When you see the blankets arranged neatly on the chairs in the little Sumida coffee shop (and roastery), you’ll know you’re welcome to stay as long as you like. It’s a close walk from Kinshicho station, but off-beat enough so that you’ll only see locals entering this converted house. Settle in and just enjoy the ambience, and when done, head across the street to the park!

Good For: Pour-over, dessert, work, reading, hang out with friends

2-2-12, Tokiwa, Koto-Ku, Tokyo, Japan

Cafe Bonfino


Good For: Espresso, pour over, lunch, dessert, drinks (beer taps), work, hang out with friends, reading

Tokyo, Sumida, Kamezawa, 3 Chome−22−1, YKK D&Rセンター 1F
東京都墨田区亀沢3-22-1 YKK D&Rセンター 1F

Matsuzaki Coffee


Opened in late 2015, Matsuzaki Coffee features a host of in-house roasts for you to choose your pour-over coffee from. Open the bottles to take a sniff before choosing your cup! There are a few small tables in the narrow walkway, but the view is best at the bar counter. This is a great alternative to the hip Kiyosumi area, where most of the cafes are packed during weekends.

Good For: Espresso, pour over, dessert, work, hang out with friends, reading

〒130-0021 Tokyo, Sumida, Midori, 1 Chome−14−9

Macchinesti Coffee マキネスティコーヒー


Macchinesti Coffee is a roaster that feels like the warm, welcoming cafe was a spontaneous afterthought. With Christmas lights dangling at the entrance year-round, book shelves and cozy seats inside, it’s as though you’ve walked into someone’s living room. On a nice day, take one of the seats facing the street outside with your laptop, and on a rainy day, snuggle into one of the couch seats and get some work done!. English menu available.

Good For: Espresso, pour over, French press, lunch, dessert, work, hang out with friends, reading, people watching on a nice day

〒130-0021 Tokyo, Sumida, Midori, 3 Chome−11−5

iki Espresso


If one of the baristas sees you from inside, they’ll likely run out and open the door for you even before you’ve parked your bike! Since its humble beginnings serving drip and espresso coffees in Chigasaki, Chiba Prefecture, iki Espresso has completely moved its location to become a part of the Morishita and Kiyosumishirakawa communities. Inside, the tables lining the walls are spacious, perfect for laying out your work items or a bigger group get-together. If you have time, I recommend having a meal and coffee here, just to watch all the neighbourhood smiles that pass through these doors. English menus available.

Good For: Espresso, pour over, lunch, dessert, drinks (beer taps), work, hang out with friends, reading, people watching.

2-2-12, Tokiwa, Koto-Ku, Tokyo, Japan

The Northwave Coffee


This is a hole-in-the-wall  along the Morishita Shopping Street, just a few minutes away from iki Espresso. It has 6-8 roasts regularly and has a minimalist setup: the focus is coffee, and a chat with the barista if you like!

Good For: Espresso, pour-over, French Press.

14-24 Takabashi, Koto-Ku, Tokyo

ARiSE Coffee Roasters


ARiSE is one of the first roasters in the Fukagawa / Kiyosumishirakawa area long before it was on the coffee map. It’s a little cozy spot where you sip your coffee facing the barista, or on a sunny day, you can sit outside and watch the lively street as weekend cafe hoppers walk by.

Good For: Paper-drip / pour-over, people watching on a sunny weekend

1-13-8 Hirano, Koto-Ku, Tokyo



Fukadaso is a spaciously renovated 50-year-old warehouse that’s been turned into a cafe and community space, with events during the week and office rental space on the second floor. They have great comfy sofas and wooden chests for some tables to chill on. They also have free Wi-Fi, and makes a great place to work out of for a full day. They open at lunch and serve meals until close in the evening.

Good For: Espresso, pour-over, hanging out with friends, people watching, reading, working, coffee & cake, lunch.

1-9-7 Hirano, Koto-Ku, Tokyo

Blue Bottle Coffee (Kiyosumishirakawa Branch)


Enjoy your perfectly brewed cup of Blue Bottle coffee (paper drip, espresso, or syphon) away from the hordes at its Aoyama venue. Mind you, there’s always a weekend lineup at the parking lot, so try to come during the weekdays. If you come before lunch, you’ll find many empty spots to plant yourself and work for a few hours. There are also a few outlets available, and they have a snack and light lunch menu. English menu available.

Good For: Espresso, paper drip / pour over, syphon, hanging out with friends, people watching, reading, working (weekdays).

1-4-8 Hirano, Koto-Ku, Tokyo

ARiSE Coffee Entangle


ARiSE opened its second shop just a few blocks down from its original. This one faces a park and has many more tables to choose from. It also serves home-made pastries and light lunches. On a weekend, if there are no seats left, grab a take-out and sit in the Kiyosumi Park across the street or visit the Fukagawa Library, a historic Meiji building.

Good For: Paper drip / pour-over, coffee & cake, hanging out with friends, working, people watching, reading.

3-1-3 Kiyosumi, Koto-Ku, Tokyo



Allpress Roastery and Cafe is just down the street from Blue Bottle, and serves equally exquisite roasts. The New Zealand company specialises in espresso-based drinks and has only a few long tables. On a warm day, you can sit outside and people watch. Even though the place is usually full, there’s always someone hanging around with a book, so don’t feel pressured to leave if you see a lineup out the door. They also serve some light meals, juices and smoothies. English menu available.

Good For: Espresso, hanging out with friends, working, people watching on a sunny day

3-7-2 Hirano, Koto-Ku, Tokyo

Sunday Zoo Coffee


Sunday Zoo really only opens Friday to Sunday. There’s only one tiny table, and a handful of chairs arranged around the walls, as though one were walking into someone’s open kitchen-living room. It has an immediately warm community feel about it as the patrons filter in one every few minutes and usually linger to exchange greetings with the owners, who are a middle-aged couple. It has magazines to flip through, and even has kids books in the corner! Also consider grabbing a take-away cup and strolling along the canal (with spring cherry blossoms), a typical feature in the Fukagawa and Kiyosumishirakawa areas.

Good For: Pour-over.

2-17-4 Hirano, Koto-Ku, Tokyo

Fukagawa Coffee


Fukagawa Coffee is spacious place to work out of or pass several hours chatting with friends. Jazz music plays in the background, fitting in with the nostalgic decore, the porcelain displays, the samurai swords, and quirky bar-setup. As a roaster, it has a the mind-boggling array of roasts neatly in clear containers and barrels. It has one of the most unique atmospheres amongst the Fukagawa cafes.

Good For: Espresso, reading, hanging out with friends, coffee & cake, working.

6-18 Fuyuki, Koto-Ku, Tokyo

Monz Cafe


Monz Cafe sits on the Shopping street (shotengai) of the Fukagawa Fudo Temple, Tokyo’s most lively local temple, and one of its most important. The cafe is naturally lit with its large window, and the seats inside are comfortable for a few hours of work. The benches outside are also great for watching the weekend locals passing by. They serve Allpress beans with their espressos. It’s also just 5 minutes from the Tomioka Hachimangu, the shrine where professional sumo began in the Edo period. English menu available.

Good For: Espresso, pour-over, people watching, hanging out with friends, working.

1-14-5 Fukuoka, Koto-Ku, Tokyo

Cream of the Crop Coffee


This roastery has 3 filters on a small table counter to brew your coffee. When there are no customers dribbling in, the two to three staff are usually roasting beans, which means you constantly smell fresh coffee if you’re sitting on the sofa inside. There are also some small benches and crates that double as coffee tables.  They have benches outside for you to people watch on a sunny weekend, or get a take-away cup and walk along the canal just behind.

Good For: Pour-over, espresso, people watching, reading, catching up with friends.

4-5-4 Shirakawa, Koto-Ku, tokyo

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17 thoughts on “East Tokyo Cafes: 15 on a Short List

  1. This is amazing and so detailed! I can’t wait to try them all! I’ve been meaning to try blue bottle coffee for a while but I didn’t realise there were so many other great cafés around that area.

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    1. Thanks! I’m glad it helps, and I hope you enjoy walking through to find these places. 🙂 In the maps, I also include their open days and times so you can plan your route a bit more easily. I also have an upcoming one for West Tokyo and Setagaya and Meguro just FYI!


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