Tokyo Cafes: iki Espresso


It’s the first sunny spring day in Tokyo, and iki espresso has opened its panel doors to let the fresh air in. It sits on a quiet street with little traffic and the covered veranda keeps the sun out of your eyes as it warms your lap.

They have recently planted themselves in Kiyosumi after operating for two years in Chigasaki, Chiba Prefecture. The most noticeable thing about this place is the relaxed and contented smiles that staff have. All of the staff have worked with the company for several years, and most of them have had a career switches from industries as eclectic as systems engineering to hair dressing.


The Harases opened this cafe after a long journey with coffee. Teru trained in New Zealand with the best coffee experts and returned to Japan to open a location for a New Zealand coffee company. Soon after, he and Kim opened up their own cafe to demonstrate their concept of a warm, professional coffee haven. They’ve collected a team of passionate people to build the iki community.


The cafe has a long row of tables that are good for individuals and groups. The seats near the entrance are bright and naturally lit, while the ones at the back around a corner offer a quieter alternative for someone wanting to focus. Throughout the day, mothers, professionals with laptops, office-workers and even elderly drop by.


The menu is in English and Japanese. In addition to their espresso drinks, they have pastries and Western meals. They use beans from Allpress, a roaster also in the Kiyosumi area. The temperature and texture of the milk for my cappuccino (450 JPY)  was perfect.


For people looking to work, the staff are welcoming, and you can easily pass a few hours. There are two sockets near the entrance and at the back. On a sunny day, the tables outside are also great to work out of, and they will open the glass-door panels so the entire shop can get fresh air. There’s no Wi-Fi.


Watch their video .

Good For:

  • Coffee: Espresso
  • Brunch, lunch, and pastries served
  • Work: Outlets at the front and back of the cafe, indoor tables, outdoor tables (covered area)
  • Friends: Hangouts & catching up
  • Chilling and reading
  • People watching
Address: 2-2-12 Tokiwa, Koto-Ku, Tokyo
Hours (Daily)
営業日 (定休日無し)

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