Accessible Tokyo Map Guide: Go Anywhere With Your Phone

Wheelchair Accessible Tokyo Metro
Station attendant helping wheelchair user with ramp onto Tokyo metro subway.

This post has been moved to this new location because this blog will be deleted by December 2020:

The wheelchair accessible map remains available. You can save it to your phone.

This post was originally created in 2016 to help travellers navigate Tokyo’s complex subway system. While Tokyo’s system is a bit complicated, most stations have wheelchair access. In addition, station staff are more than happy and obligated to assist people with accessibility needs.

I created this map because Google Maps is a very reliable way of getting around Tokyo. Rumour has it that Tokyo may be the most accurate transit update for Google. The Google Map created below includes the Tokyo Metro, Toei Subway, and Yamanote Lines. This covers over 200 stations in the Tokyo area and should help you get around to most places. You can save this to your phone.

You can read the extended guide on how to get around, taxis and such on the new link:


The map I created was based off the information provided by Japan Accessible Association Metro information

The Accessibility Icon comes courtesy of Accessibilty Project

Athena Lam

A content marketing strategist and consultant.

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