Yamaguchi Cafes: Himaar Coffee and Crafts

In the town of Iwakuni, there is a cafe camouflaged amongst the bland cement blocks. The walls are white-washed. The cut-out door could lead to a paint shop or characterless office. Only the small sign saying coffee gives it away.


Once inside, you first see display of local pottery and handicrafts. Just behind, there are the tables neatly lined up one after another along the wall. Even with the odd patron, it is quiet.


Don’t be intimidated, though. The Tsujikawas who run this place are friendly and happy to translate the menu. They are local returnees who opened the shop 4 years ago after returning from Tokyo. The beans they use are from a former neighbourhood roaster in Tokyo – in an area between Mitaka and Kichijoji.

They have two hand drip coffees on offer and one ice coffee. They also have tea, ginger ale, and mikan juice (local orange juice). Their cheesecake is dense and rich with flavour. They also have a selection of small baked goods on the counter.


It doesn’t have WiFi, but this cafe makes a perfect focused working space. Unlike the city cafes, it never gets too busy. Even if you don’t have work, you can flip through their bookshelf, which has some English coffee table books.


Good For:

  • Coffee: Pour-over / hand-drip only
  • Snacks / Dessert
  • Space: Open studio setting.
  • Friends: Hangouts & catching up
  • Work: No Wi-Fi, but good quiet space (just happens to be the vibe)

Closest Station:JR Iwakuni, 10 mins walk

1 Chome-10-3 Imazumachi, Iwakuni, Yamaguchi Prefecture 740-0017
Closed Mondays



I write about independent local cafes in Tokyo and places I travel to in Japan. If you visit Tokyo, check out my list of Off-Centre Tokyo cafes.

Athena Lam

A content marketing strategist and consultant.

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