Yamaguchi Cafes: Ruco Guest House



If you’re near the Hagi Bus Centre and have an hour or two before your bus, this is the place to drop by. This place is a guesthouse with a cafe area meant for guests and locals to interact. True to the spirit of its name (‘流’ meaning flow ‘交’ meaning exchange), the man at the bar sheltered us from the morning rain and took our coffee orders even though the cafe officially opens at 4:00pm.


The coffee is pretty standard Japanese: mild, slightly acidic. The highlight is perhaps the local Hagi cermanic cups they serve with.

What I personally enjoy about this place is the cozy setup. You can help yourself to the photo books and magazines on the small rack. It also has WiFi, which makes it a great place to work out of.


Good For:

  • Coffee: Pour-over coffee
  • Food: light food and beer (in the afternoon / evenings)
  • Space: 2 Floors. Downstairs large table and chairs, and upstairs hangout area
  • Friends: Hangouts & catching up
  • Work: WiFi Available
Address: 92 Karahimachi, Hagi, Yamaguchi
〒758-0044 山口県萩市唐樋町92
Hours (Daily):


*Late morning for coffee’s OK.
Athena Lam

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