Tokyo Cafes: Yanaka Coffee

Yanaka Coffee is one of those little stalls you’d usually miss. It’s the one or two people sitting on a bench that catches your eye. The languid, contented people-watcher is a permanent fixture for this coffee stall.



This roaster has over 15 options in its shelves. Most of them are light roasts, and sourced from at least three continents.

If you want a cup of coffee, their menu is refreshingly simple. They have a hot coffee for 240 JPY, Cafe au Lait for 290 JPY, iced coffee. Their coffee is their daily roast, which they select for you.

Even if you like milk, I suggest you get a black hot coffee and add your own cream and sugar. The pour over black has subtle berry flavours that are lost in the cafe au lait.

Even though the stall, which has been around for over a decade and attracts a steady stream of visitors, the lineup remains at a neighbourhood scale.

They have 2-3 seats inside the stall facing the wall. On a cold day, it’s a warm corner to sip your coffee before heading back out. If you want to people watch, take the small bench just at the entrance. They have two small blankets for you to keep your legs warm. As you watch the people go by, sipping your coffee, you’ll become that contented fixture that attracts the next customer in.

The street has a lively weekend buzz, without ever becoming too crowded.


Good For:

  • Drip (black)
  • Fresh beans
  • People watching (from the bench)
Address: Yanaka 3-8-6, Taito-Ku, Tokyo
Closed: 3rd Thursday of the month
Every Day 10:00-20:00
每日 10:00~20:00
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