Tokyo Cafes: Hikidashi Cafe (ヒキダシカフェ)

Just off the main street, the stylish entrance blends in with the surrounding shops.

Located just behind a main street at Kiyosumishirakawa, this cafe is an understated gathering spot for neighbourhood regulars. Hikidashi Cafe serves syphon and drip coffee and a rotation of meat and fish lunch sets. For an additional 250 JPY patrons can have coffee, tea, hot or cold, and juice.

Hikidashi Cafe Interior
Hikidashi Cafe’s wooden interior feels like entering a studio-house.

The menu also has various interesting items such as black sesame soy milk kuro goma donyu, their home-made bread, and various desserts. I ordered an ice coffee, since it is hitting high summer, and was impressed at the nutty and chocolatey flavour. I’d recommend tasting it before adding the cream and syrup, which comes on the side.

The cafe opens at 11:30am daily to serve lunch, afternoon tea, and an earlier dinner. On weekdays, mothers will usually come here for a catch up with their toddlers playing on the side. On the weekends, it’s a popular location for people from outside the neighbourhood to have a weekend date.

Hikidashi Cafe
Hikidashi’s ice coffee comes with milk and syrup on the side.

The main room is a studio with an assortment of wooden furniture. The coffee tables and matching chairs of various heights make each spot seem intimate even though it’s part of an open space. The retro lamps above them are adjusted to each table’s specific height. There is also a lounge corner, where larger groups can gather.

For digital nomads and remote workers, this is a good cafe to work at on the weekdays. The steady trickle keeps an energetic, but subdued ambience. There are one or two spots with outlets, but no WiFi.


Hikidashi Cafe Fish Set Lunch
The cafe’s fish set lunch, served with salad, side veggies, and miso soup.

Good For:

  • Coffee: Syphon and espresso
  • Lunch, dinner, afternoon tea
  • Space: 1 communal table, 1 separate seating area, 4-5 small tables and lounge chairs
  • Friends: Hangouts & catching up
  • Work: 1-2 outlets along the wall
  • Also good for reading
Address: 3-8-5 Shirakawa, Koto-Ku, Tokyo
Website: Facebook Page
Hours (Daily):
Daily 11:30-23:00
定休日: 無し

11:30 ~ 23:00

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