Tokyo Cafes: Glitch Coffee

Glitch Coffee and Roasters Tokyo
Natural light at Glitch Coffee is great for reading.

Right in the heart of Jimbocho, central Tokyo, is an independent cafe and roastery, Glitch Coffee. Their weekly selection is sitting right at the entrance greeting every customer.

  • El Salvador Santa Rita for their white espressos
  • Costa Rica Las Lajlas Natural
  • Rwanda Coko Bourbon
  • Guatemala Santa Clara Natural
  • Ethiopia Kochere Washed

You can check out their roasts on their website and updates on their Facebook Page.

Glitch Coffee and Roasters Tokyo
Eiji Dobashi making a pour over coffee.

Off the menu, they still have their Ethiopian Tchembe, which had caught my eye at the Tokyo Coffee Festival 2016 last weekend.

Right behind the jars is a corresponding glass filter,  glass jars, and professional scales. Coffee lab is a better description.

Glitch Coffee and Roasters Tokyo Pourover
One pour-over filter for each specific roast.

The late afternoon sunlight pours into the cafe, but just misses the beans and the long bench at the back wall. The cafe’s menu is an open book on a small counter, crammed with the handful of pastries on display trays. In the footnotes, they specify the type of bean used for a white and black espresso. Since I’ve tried their beans before, I wanted something more concentrated, and they obliged with a macchiato.

To be honest, the macchiato – charged as a latte at 480 JPY – is a bit pricey. However, the cherry notes are clear and dives right into a chocolatey aftertaste. None of it is inhibited by the milk, which works since there isn’t much of a nutty flavour.

Glitch Coffee and Roasters Tokyo Macchiato
Specially made macchiato off the menu.

There’s seating for about 20 people, with individual table seating, bar seating, and 2 coffee tables. The guest WiFi is unreliable, but the bar counter has enough space for a laptop for remote work. There are outlets, at least 4 along the back wall that’s easy to connect to the bar and coffee tables in the middle area.

Opened recently in October 2014, it’s run by the manager Kiyokazu Suzuki and Eiji Dobashi with a signature fedora hat. A third guy comes in, and the three banter and laugh every few minutes. The businessmen in the middle coffee tables go on with their meetings. The two ladies chatting side by side on the wall-bench continue to people-watch. The woman perched at the window flips a page in her book and continues. The man in the blue suit frequently steps outside to take a call.

Glitch Coffee and Roasters Tokyo Space
Glitch Coffee’s cafe space and customized Probat Roaster.

Did I mention the Probat roaster at the back? I left around sunset, and still, there is always a guest making a purchase at the take out window, or regular popping in, as much for the coffee as the light-hearted catch-up.

Glitch Coffee and Roasters Tokyo
Coffee roasts are on the counter at the entrance.

Good For:

  • Coffee: Espresso and pour-over filter coffee
  • Food: Cakes & snacks
  • Cafe Space: 2 square tables, bar table, window bar seats, and back seating area
  • Friends: Hangouts & catching up
  • Remote work & Reading: Has choppy Wi-Fi, 4 plugs on back wall. Decent place to work out of.
Address: 1F 3-16 Kanda Nishikicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0054 VIEW MAP

東京都千代田区神田錦町3-16 香村ビル1F



Weekdays 7:30-20:00
Weekends 9:00-19:00
7:30 ~ 20:00
9:00 ~ 19:00

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