Non-Tech for Tech Jobs in Asia

This is a list of non-tech positions for web / digital companies, mostly in East Asia. Jobs are usually within content marketing, editorial, translation, project management, and event management. Companies are usually small-medium web companies and agencies with a stable income. Candidates don’t need to have tech backgrounds. However, candidates should be familiar with / interested in things like mobile apps, social media tools, SEO tools, or web design.

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Why did I start this?

Often people from interesting companies often reach out to me looking for talent. These people are usually friends or former colleagues that I respect. Many of the companies I know personally and find their work culture, business philosophy, or talent management approaches fascinating.

In addition, many great tech companies with technical founders are looking for non-tech talents but don’t know where to look. Basically, I just want to help my friends find other great people. In addition to asking friends that come to mind and posting on social media, I decided to consolidate these opportunities here.

If you think you’re right for the job, you can also send me your information directly. Since these are people I know, I will do an initial screening because I want to respect everyone’s time. Please note that even if I do forward your application, I have no direct influence on the outcome of the hiring process. I’m just trying to connect good people. 🙂

For Job Seekers:

  • Apply to the companies directly or
  • Contact me
    • E-mail To: thecupandtheroad [at]
    • E-mail Title: [Company] [Position]
    • E-mail Content: Brief introduction e-mail
    • Attachments: Attached CV, LinkedIn Profile, Other online portfolios

Please follow these instructions. Companies care about detail, so I will only open messages that have been correctly formatted. Please also make sure your e-mail has no spelling or grammatical mistakes. I suggest you use the free app Grammarly to check your grammar.

Be interested in tech, not just another job. For example, this could be an interest in trying new apps or following startups. If you read VentureBeat, TechCrunch, then you may be looking at the right places.

Non-Tech Job Leads:

*Note: Links are provided for the companies so applicants have a better sense of what they are like. Feel free to apply directly.However, not all listings have links. If there aren’t links, and you’re really excited about the company, please write to me.

Company: Oursky (Digital product development)
Posting Date: June 2016
Location:  Hong Kong
Position(s): 行銷編輯 (Content Marketer)
Other Jobs: Associate Project Manager
Company:  Odigo Japan (Travel platform and trip planner)
Posting Date June 2016
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Position: China Marketing Manager
Other Jobs: Ruby on Rails Developer 
Company: New Digital Noise (Marketing Agency)
Posting Date June 2016
Location:  Hong Kong
Position: Freelance / PT / FT Social Media Content Editor
Other Jobs: None.
Company: Makerbay (Makerspace)
Posting Date June 2016
Location:  Hong Kong
Position: Community Developer (Full-Time)
Other Jobs: None.

For companies, if you are looking to list, please contact me privately.

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