Mandarake HQ Nakano Broadway Guide for Anime, Manga & Collectibles

**Note: This post will be deleted by December, 2020.

I have not decided whether to archive this post in my new blog. However, you can find all the public maps I’ve created at**

A visual guide to Mandarake’s shops at Nakano Broadway, based off of the official store map. You can get a sense of the things you’ll find here in my photo essay.

Mandarake Nakano Broadway Map Wall-4781
The store’s wall-map on the 1/F. Print maps available in 3/F bookstore.

Most people who are interested in anime, manga and gaming make Akihabara a top Tokyo destination. It’s a pretty interesting place to see, especially with all the lights at night. I personally prefer Nakano Broadway, the shopping mall from the 1960s that is the home of the first Mandarake. The complex is home to Mandarake’s 27 stores and a host of other independent specialty shops that range from coin collectibles and watches to video games and headphones.

For people who are visiting Tokyo for the first time, it might be difficult to imagine how Mandarake’s online shop manifests in real life. Below, I’m sharing quick and dirty visuals for what to expect when you go through this area. Give yourself at least half a day to explore!

The levels begin from the top (4th Floor) down to the ground level, where the entrance is. This is also to correspond with Mandarake’s map, which is ordered from #1 to #27.

Note: Linked items direct you to my Nakano Broadway photo essay which has close-ups.

4th Floor


Mandarake Plastic Nakano Broadway Dolls Sailor Moon
Sailor Moon, Card Captors Sakura & magical girls. Creepy dolls too.

It’s actually several store units, each specialising in their own dolls, teddy bears, and magical girls. Included some examples in my photo essay of Broadway Nakano.


Mandarake Anime Kan Nakano Broadway
Coolest cells, storyboards, genga items.

It’s like a mini museum. There are story boards and cels from classic anime from the 80s right up to recent years.

Kaiba (Books)

Mandarake Nakano Broadway Kaiba Bookstore
Artbooks, Sci-Fi, Mystery novels, random other topics.

I love this upper bookstore. Most of the stuff is in Japanese, but the art and design books are quite international. It’s even better than a lot of art book stores. For Japanese readers, I also found many interesting historical books (i.e. Edo Tokyo and Japan).


Mandarake Nakano Henya Vintage Toys
The most atmospheric Mandarake shop!

It’s difficult to explain what makes this shrine to vintage and tin toys so cool. Just walk through the torii.


Mandarake Nakano Mania
Find your vintage comics, art books, magazines at this store on the 4th Floor

The art books that you’re probably ordering online will be housed here! In addition to the gorgeous collections like CLAMP X and Angel Sanctuary, you’ll get the vintage comics and magazines as well.

Ryusenkei Jiken

Mandarake Nakano Ryusenkei Jiken train models
Trainspotters head here!

Train models, goods and train parts, N-gauge, HO-gauge stuff here.

Special 6

Mandarake Nakano Special 6 Mecha Gundam Macross Evangelion
Find your mechas here: Gundam, Macross, Evangelion etc.

This is Mandarake’s Robot & Mecha store. Of course, there’s the Gundam, Macross, Evangelion, stuff. There are also many other shops within the building that sell these models!

Online Store Office

English speaking staff available



Retail Corner

Mandarake Nakano Retail Corner
Resell your otaku items, manga, anime DVDs here!

Where you can sell your items to Mandarake.

Special 3

Mandarake Nakano Special 3 Video Games Disney Lego Dragon Ball
Find Disney, LEGO and Dragon Ball collectibles here!

I don’t quite get their collections here, as it’s quite random. However, you’ll find collectibles from many of the most popular anime and video games, Disney movies, and LEGO collections. Basically, it’s a good first stop to see what they have.

Bookstore 1

Mandarake Nakano Bookstore 1

Shounen, shojo, seinen manga. Boys Love manga, CDs. Light novels


Goods from male idol groups (Japanese & Korean), Male seiyu & actors

Special 2

Mandarake Special 2 Nakano Broadway
Figures. Uncountable. You’ll find what you’re looking for!

Superhuman / Sentai Toys (Kamen Rider, Super Sentai, Metal Hero, Power Rangers)

Bookstore 2

Mandarake Nakano Bookstore 2 Seinen manga
Seinen manga

Seinen manga, light novels, subculture, adult manga, hobby & anime magazines, artbooks



Special 4


Mandarake Special 4 Nakano Broadway
PVC & collectible figures, capsule toys, One Piece stuff

PVC & Trading Figures, capsulre toys, One Piece POP

Special 1

Mandarake Special 1 Nakano Broadway Transformers
For ultraman, transformers, and zoid fans.

Basically Ultraman, Transformers, Zoids, Votoms, Kaiju characters.

Special 5

Mandarake Special 5 Nakano Broadway Star Wars
American Toys. And yes, Star Wars.

American toys and artist figures. I’m not sure why Lupin the Third is also thrown in, but it is!


Mandarake Card Kan Nakano Broadway
Pokemon, Sailor Moon, Magic, etc. etc. 

Game cards, trading cards & stickers. Nostalgia incarnate.


Mandarake UFO Nakano Broadway
Get your DVDs, CDs, Blueray discs here.

Basically, pick up your entire Anime DVD and Bluray set here. You’ll also find the soundtracks and CDs.


Mandarake Nakano Broadway-4823
Deep Kan


Mandarake Nakano Broadway Deep Kan Video Games Consoles-4827
Stop here to find the old cartridges and console games!

Since I don’t own a console anymore, I didn’t tempt myself by sifting through every isle. However, I did see plenty of games I’d not seen before in Canada. I also saw tons of cartridges! I included some items in my photo essay of Broadway Nakano.

Katsudo Shashin-kan

Mandarake Nakano Broadway Katsudo Shashinkan Posters Baseball-4852
Paraphanalia for baseball fans and movie posters.

Baseball’s huge in Japan, so one side of this store includes jerseys, signed baseballs and other related items. The rest of the store includes lots of vintage posters and is good for retro inspiration!


Mandarake Nakano Broadway Cosplay Kan-4819
As the name suggests…

Complete sets that are perfect if for last-minute anicon decisions.


Mandarake Nakano Broadway Live Kan-4835
One of the few places where you can still get doujinshi.


Mandarake Nakano Broadway Daisharin Car Toy Models-4859
All those old car toys we tossed out…

Find your favourite rare models here. Have one shot in my photo essay of Broadway Nakano.


Mandarake Nakano Broadway Micro Kan Studio Ghibli-4869
Ghibli collectibles alongside Tamagochi and pro wrestling masks.

This one is a hilarious mash of items. There are tons of rubber figures, 80s & 90s Anime collectibles (digimon etc.), pro wrestling toys & masks, Studio Ghibli items, and tamagochi. Check my photo essay of Broadway Nakano to see some of the items.


Mandarake Kaguya Nakano Broadway
Plastic scale models. Runner up for coolest entrance.

New & Vintage plastic scale models




Mandarake Mon Nakano Broadway
You’ll probably miss this when you first walk in.

Special products & auction items are right at the entrance on the ground level. It’s actually more like a showcase wall rather than a shop, although there is someone inside to help you!


Directions to Mandarake at Broadway Nakano

Map of the building: Mandarake has a handy English guide

Some of the things you’ll see: my random photo essay of figures, shops, and collectibles.

Address: 5-52-15 Nakano, Tokyo 164-0001
〒164-0001 東京都中野区中野5-52-15
Closest Station: Nakano (Metro Tozai Line, Chuo Line, Sobu Line)
Website: (English Site)
Hours (Daily):
Varies by shop
Generally 10:00 – 22:00
Mandarake: 12:00 – 20:00

Also join the Japan Forums Slack Community to ask questions and share info in real-time!

Athena Lam

A content marketing strategist and consultant.

7 thoughts on “Mandarake HQ Nakano Broadway Guide for Anime, Manga & Collectibles

  1. Excellent work here! really appreciate the effort you’ve put into this list. Just wondering if you’d know if Mandarake will buy goods from a foreigner? I’ll be spending six weeks in Tokyo early next year, and provided they don’t pay absolutely peanuts, I’d love to take a suitcase of stuff to sell.

    Can’t seem to find reliable info regarding this, and I can’t take the chance of leaving home with a ton of toys that I can’t sell. Hope you can get back to me. Thanks! : )


    1. Hi Chris,

      Granted, I’ve never tried and I currently have a local ID card, but I don’t see why they wouldn’t. I’ve sold old books to Bookoff and they just check your ID and pay you cash so I think Mandarake would be about the same (and they have English book sections too, so I feel like they definitely have stock coming in from abroad). Just bring your passport because they may need to check ID. Generally, my understanding is that they give you cash for the items.

      Happy stay in Tokyo!! Try to choose somewhere more local to save money (I personally really like Koto-ku, which doesn’t look like anything special, but the rent is much cheaper and it’s well connected). Plus, the canals there are quite nice. The West side is much more hip, so even if you’re further out in a place like Nakano, the living could be more expensive.


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