Tokyo Cafes: February Cafe

フェブラリーカフェ February Cafe Asakusa Tokyo
February Cafe’s storefront on a quiet street.

I entered this small cafe in Asakusa on a rainy Saturday afternoon and found it packed. Only the bar seats were left, and thankfully my friend had saved a spot for us. February Cafe is just across the street from the main shopping areas closer to Senso-ji, which means the small alleys are undisturbed by traffic. The entrance is a demure white, but inside the place is bursting with a corner-cafe-grocer character. The signs are right at the serving counter, which is against a wall crammed with small iconic things. I eats this.

フェブラリーカフェ February Cafe Asakusa Tokyo
Signs balancing on narrow ledges.

For a space so small – just 17 seats – it is uncharacteristically welcoming for remote work. A sign on the wall beside outlets invites patrons to use the plugs. There is no Wi-Fi.

フェブラリーカフェ February Cafe Latte Espresso Black Coffee
Pour over Nicaragua Single Origin & Latte

I’d come here to try the coffee, so my friend ordered a single-origin Nicaragua (¥500) and I ordered a latte (¥430) to check out their art. The latte art was well done, but the beans were a bit underwhelming. I personally would have preferred a smaller latte just to get a higher espresso ratio. The single origin roast was a bit watery and the berry flavours didn’t quite bloom, so it ended up a little acidic.

フェブラリーカフェ February Cafe Asakusa Tokyo
Wall bar that’s meant for remote work.

We didn’t try the food, but the menu items looked quite tasty! There were a group of foreigners who were having a great time catching up. I’d recommend this as a place to get some work done if you’re in the neighbourhood.

フェブラリーカフェ February Cafe Asakusa Tokyo
Back seating for catch ups

Cafe is Good For:

  • Coffee: Espresso and pour-over filter coffee
  • Food: Breakfast, lunch and dessert menus
  • Cafe Space: 3 square tables, 1 booth table, 2 bar seating areas.
  • Friends: Hangouts & catching up
  • Remote work & Reading: 2-3 plugs on the wall table (narrow, so small laptops are better).
Address: 1-7-8 Kaminarimon, Taito-ku, Tokyo
〒111-0034 東京都台東区雷門 1−7−8
Hours: 8:00 – 19:00
8:00 ~ 19:00

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