The 3rd Burger (Shinjuku)

A random location in Shinjuku that is great for remote work. This review is not the typical cafe review, although coffee is available. Photos are shot with a second-hand Fujifilm X100.

The 3rd Burger Shinjuku
Wasabi tartar sauce is the secret kick — Photo by Athena Lam

Restaurant Overview:

The 3rd Burger Shinjuku
The 3rd Burger is brightly lit and has ample seating — Photo by Athena Lam

As the name suggests, this place is a restaurant, not a cafe. However, those looking for a cafe-like setting will not be disappointed by the modern decor with spacious seating. The restaurant has two areas and a remote worker need not be self-conscious about taking up space as many locals also use it as a study and work location. The seats along the windows have plugs and the restaurant advertises its Wi-Fi.

The 3rd Burger Shinjuku
A smaller cheese burger and special burger — Photo by Athena Lam

I’ve added The 3rd Burger to my cafe reviews because it’s one of the most remote-work friendly places I’ve found, especially in Shinjuku. Plus, the burgers are yummy!

The 3rd Burger Shinjuku
Plugs by the window for remote work — Photo by Athena Lam

Visitors can order a basic cheeseburger beginning at ¥390 or try one of the more interesting options. The burgers are Japanese sizes, so most people can probably have two or at least make a set with cut potato fries on the side.

Their Story / What I like About Them:

The 3rd Burger Shinjuku
The 3rd Burger comes with a wasabi tartar sauce — Photo by Athena Lam

I have nothing to say about the coffee, so I’ll make an exception and discuss the food.

As with many other Japanese burger joints, the attention to the airy-yet-crispy-topped bun is a highlight. The buns are made in-store daily. In addition to the basic burger and cheeseburger, the special ones (around ¥500-600) have interesting pairings. I ordered the 3rd Burger, which has a mix of komatsuna (a green Japanese leafy vegetable), tomato, and a wasabi tartar sauce. The fries are not too oily, and come with the firm texture of properly boiled and rinsed fresh-cut potatoes.

The 3rd Burger also has branches in Aoyama and Roppongi, but I’m not sure if they’re as remote work friendly.

The 3rd Burger Shinjuku
Quiet back seating area — Photo by Athena Lam

Good For:

  • Coffee: Regular coffee as a drink (nothing special)
  • Food: Burgers!
  • Cafe Space: Super spacious with window seats and a back quiet area
  • Friends: Hangouts, catching up, reading, working
  • Workspace: Plugs along the windows. Individual tables and benches
  • Remote Work: Wi-Fi available (didn’t check the speed)
Address:   東京都新宿区西新宿7-10-5 1F
7-10-5 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku, Tokyo
Website:  Website


Daily: 9:00-22:00

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