Taipei Coffee Walk: NTU and DaAn District

**The information in this post has been migrated to a new blog: This post will be deleted by the end of 2020 as will all the individual cafe reviews.**

A shortlist of independent coffee roasters and coffee shops around the National Taiwan University (NTU or Taida) and the Da’an and Zhongzhen area. Notes are by an amateur coffee enthusiast and shoestring digital nomad. Places are reviewed for their remote work suitability, but the main focus is usually either the coffee or the story behind the cafe.

national taiwan university coffee shop
A generous cappuccino at Cafe Macho — Photo by Athena Lam

How to read this coffee list:

The independent cafes on this list were visited during a trip in Spring 2017. Below, you will find a photo of the cafe space, a brief profile of what they offer, and the location on Google Maps.

My map also includes other restaurants and cafes I’ve visited in the Da’An and Zhongzhen Districts throughout several years. 

Rufous Coffee

rufous coffee taipei independent coffee roaster
Rufous roasts their own beans and is one of Taipei’s early indie cafes — Photo by Athena Lam


Hi日楞 Ryou Cafe

remote work NTU taipei
Hi Ryou opens early and is very remote-work friendly — Photo by Athena Lam

早秋咖啡 Cafe Macho

remote work digital nomad taipei
Individual plugs and Wi-Fi available at Cafe Macho — Photo by Athena Lam

山田咖啡 Yamada Coffee

kanazawa coffee brewing method
Kanazawa water pot for a different filter brewing method — Photo by Athena Lam

Paper Street Coffee Company

taipei third wave coffee
Paper Street is located close to Huashan 1914 Cultural District — Photo by Athena Lam


Taipei vegetarian food
Vegetarian lunch set at Wisteria House, an old cultural tea house — Photo by Athena Lam

The entire area around Taida (NTU) and Shida has affordable local eats. If you want a cozy sit-down place, the dining cafes beside NTU are a great bet — plus, many double up as great lounge bars and have live music at night.

In my map, look for the fork and knife icon for places to eat. Most of them are quite local and more on the street-food end. I have added notes in the map location pins.

Athena Lam

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