LGBTQ Hong Kong 彩虹旗 香港同志遊行

Hong Kong Pride Parade 2017 Recap

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Hong Kong’s Pride Parade is pretty family and kid-friendly 🙂 — Photo by Athena Lam

Hong Kong’s 8th Pride Parade undoubtedly contributed to cleaner air for a good few hours this past Sunday as 10,000 marchers worked their way from Causeway Bay to Central. And, as you can see from my favourite photo above, the event was pretty family friendly. Hong Kong’s LGBTQ events may be a modest size compared to ones like Toronto, Vancouver, New York, San Fran, and even Taipei’s, but I look forward to this event whenever I am in town.

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Japanese Mountains: A Convenient Must-Do

Japan owes its existence to mountains. Thousands of years ago, Japan bubbled out of the ocean as the afterthought of energetic volcanoes along the Pacific Ring of Fire. The spine of Japan — the Japanese Alps — are still rising just as the tectonic plate below the sea is steadily sliding. But whether you climb on sleeping Mount Fuji, still an active volcano, or watch sunset from a small village hill in Japan, you are on a san (山), a mountain or hill. Some Japanese mountains are more famous than others, such as Matsumoto for its castle, Nikko’s alpine trails, or Nagano as host city of the 1998 winter Olympics.

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Apps Local Japanese Use for Travelling in Japan

There’s plenty of information on for travellers to navigate Japan without using any Japanese. But on the other hand, I think it’s missing out a little if you don’t know what locals are using. As a super-connected nation with virtually universal 4G connection, knowing what local Japanese are using for travel can open up the Japan that is not flooded with international tourists.

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