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Yamanashi Cafes: Akito Coffee

A review of Akito Coffee in Kofu, Yamanashi by an amateur coffee enthusiast and shoestring digital nomad. Descriptions are equal parts coffee and remote-work suitability.

Cafe Overview:

Akito Coffee Japan Kofu-7300

Akito Coffee on the main street north of Kofu train Station

I wasn’t looking for an independent cafe, even though I was desperate for coffee. I found one anyway a 5-minute walk away from Kofu Station. Akito Coffee is in a small standalone house with the espresso bar on the ground level and seating upstairs.

Akito Coffee Japan Kofu-7309


At first, I asked for a macchiato, but the friendly shopkeeper said he couldn’t do that. But he obligingly made me a lovely cappuccino for ¥350!

They don’t roast in house, but the milk foam ratio was lovely and the espresso had the nutty punch many Japanese cafes miss out on (because they specialise in pour-over roasts).

The barista also gestured to the banana breads and other pastries they had. My curiosity was piqued with the Satsuma imo sweet potato bread. When the barista got my order, he said I could have ice cream too, and when I hesitated, he said, it’s free! 🙂 How can one say no?

Akito Coffee Japan Kofu-7309

Satsuma imo – sweet potato bread – with vanilla ice cream

He prepared my order on a tray while I took a seat upstairs. So many choices: coffee table, a view, a work corner…

The cafe doesn’t have WiFi. Two plugs are available right at a bar nook above the stairs. Coffee magazines are also on a shelf and water is complimentary.

Akito Coffee Kofu Japan-7324

Upstairs in Akito

Their Story / What I like About Them:

Akito Coffee Japan Kofu-7312

Sweet potato bread + ice cream ¥350, cappuccino ¥350, natural light = priceless

Since they opened 3 years ago, Akito doesn’t roast in-house. However, they do participate in coffee festivals occasionally and are avid fans of other famous roasters. When the barista heard that I was from Tokyo, he immediately asked me which places I liked and recognised all the places I named.

I also need to re-emphasize the sweet potato bread. The subtle sweetness of the satsuma imo shines through without changing the texture that banana bread lovers will recognise. In addition, the toasted sesame seeds on top add a savoury undertone that adds complexity to the sweetness. Of course, it all goes down well with the coffee too!


Akito Coffee アキトコーヒー

Akito Coffee working corner

I love the cozy ambience. It makes a great quiet work space. People looking for a lively buzz will probably need to hang out at a chain near the train station, since Kofu is more like a small town.

Akito Coffee

Narrow stairs, watch out!

Akito Coffee Japan Kofu-7322

Coffee fanatics

As I was walking the stairs, I looked up to find London’s Square Mile coffee alongside Glitch and some American roasters on their shelf (not for sale).

As a city-dweller, I am always happy to find a chill coffee connoisseur who has opened up a local shop to share his passions with a community.

Akito Coffee アキトコーヒー

Quiet start to a Saturday morning

Good For:

  • Coffee: Pour-over filter coffee, espresso.
  • Food: Pastries and bread
  • Cafe Space: Upper floor with window benches, 2-person tables
  • Friends: Hangouts & catching up
  • Workspace: 2 plugs the bar counter above the stairs. Quiet reading and work area with a view.
  • Remote Work: Bring your own pocket WiFi.
Address:  山梨県甲府市武田1-1-13
1-1-13 Takeda Kofu, Yamanashi
Website:  Facebook page
Hours (Closed Mondays)

営業日【月 定休日】

Tues-Fri 7:30-18:00 火〜金

Weekends 10:00-18:00 週末

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