Flight Bookings Directory & 8 Tips on Saving Money


This is a list I’d made in 2014 of the world’s flag-carrying (i.e. major) and charter (i.e. budget) airlines.

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 10.28.28 AM.png

You can visit the interactive spreadsheet, and click ‘Explore the Data’ to filter based on what you want: 

  • In Type 1: Select ‘Search Engine’ if you want to do your own searches
  • In Style of Travel: Search for ‘Budget’ or ‘Budget & Regular’ Flights
  • Filter by ‘ Focus Region’ for where you are flying to / from, as platforms and carriers are often regional
  • Filter by ‘Host Country’ because many charter flights are headquartered in a certain country and only offer flights to and from that country

Flight Tips to Save Money:

  1. Choose budget airlines and pack light.
  2. If flying long-haul, choose a multi-city. Use the flag-carrying (national) airline in your desired stop-over country. This often yields a cheaper flight and a free stop-over.
    • Europe Example: Toronto, Canada > London, UK > Tokyo, Japan
    • Pick: British Airways. Buy Multi-City, and stop over a few days lin London.
    • Asia Example: Vancouver, Canada > Jakarta
    • Pick: China Airways (based in Taiwan), Cathay Pacific (Hong Kong), or Thai Airways (Bangkok)
      *This is my personal favourite for long-hauls.
  3. Fly to a nearby city for hubs.
    • Example: Flying into Manchester, UK and taking the train into London is sometimes cheaper, and means you can visit somewhere else!
  4. Travel Off-Peak.
    • Example: Visit Italy in Winter. (But dress warmly, it’s cold!)
  5. Use flight search alerts such as Hipmunk and Skyscanner. They are good at predicting fare sales.
  6. Special Flight Deals:
  7. Travel where the tickets are cheap, even if it wasn’t on the top of your list. If you’re just looking for a getaway, you’ll usually be pleasantly surprised since you didn’t have expectations!
  8. Many search engines are often regionally optimized, so check the list to see which ones are best for the places you’re going to.

This is a work in progress. If you have any additional items, please let me know. Thanks!


Digital Nomad