This is a compiled list from Japanese, English, and Chinese sources over the years. You can see the original sources that I used at the bottom of this post.

I’ve added a few unofficial spots that I marked down while I was walking, especially with solo female travelers in mind. I’ve also added some Couchsurfing, AirBnB and Ryokan suggestions, as I mixed that in with the camping out.

This post is no longer updated as of 2019. Please find the updated version at
Shikoku Henro Budget / Free Lodging Guide (English & Japanese)|Found in Shikoku

The Shikoku Pilgrimage is very safe, and the positive reviews, numerous solo female walkers that I encountered are a testament to that. A huge shout out to all the people who provided information throughout the years (see the links at the bottom of this page), annually update, and translated.


Print Versions:

The best thing is to just print this list and save it to your mobile on an offline reader like ‘Pocket‘ (you can read more about my henro survival apps). Temple #1 usually has a plain A4 printed Japanese version on the platform of the Main Hall, where there are an array of brochures decked out.

On the Road:

Keep your ears open and trade information regularly with other henro you encounter. The henro network still relies heavily on word of mouth information, and it’s common that another henro has an ‘x’ somewhere on their map or tells you if a place is closed.

Final Notes:

In Shikoku, very little English is spoken. It is best if you learn some basics regarding directions and download a translator. It is also good to highlight the keywords for lodgings that I’ve put in Japanese Kanji below, as it helps you find them on maps and locals can read them. The people are very friendly and go out of their way to help you. You can whip out your map after the initial one or two lines in Japanese and ask them to mark it (provided that the map has Japanese as well).

Also, wherever you stay, please clean up after out of respect for the communities who run these places and to help future pilgrims. If you are making reservations, please learn to speak some Japanese. If you do not want meals (assumed), you can say ‘sudomari onegaishimasu’. If you do not intend to stay, please inform your ryokan.

You can also find additional listings at:

In English:

In Japanese:

In Chinese:

You can find my archived Shikoku Minisite.

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