IGLA All Out Eaton Workshop HK

Hong Kong LGBTQ Travel Advocacy Conference – Miles of Love Highlights

An event recap for the Miles of Love LGBTQ travel advocacy forum organized by Planet Ally and All Out as a part of Pink Season Hong Kong 2018, hosted by Eaton HK. Presenters included a TED Fellow, CEOs, members of Pussy Riot, founders of NGOs, trans FIFA and Paralympian athletes, co-founder of an LGBT cryptocurrency, LGBT Token, and many more.

the story of yanxi palace

The Microcosm of “Chineseness”: Culture, Media, Politics and Identity in the Story of Yanxi Palace

Political and cultural interpretations of China is the Story of Yanxi Palace 《延禧攻略》and what it means for Hong Kong, based on the article「愛國攻略」by Assistant Professor Wong Nim Yan 黃念欣 in MingPao.

那覇市 カフェ

Naha (Okinawa) Coffee Walk

This is a shortlist of independent coffee roasters and coffee shops in central Naha (accessible on the Yu-Rail). As an amateur coffee enthusiast and digital nomad, I factor locations for coffee quality, remote work suitability, and the subjective impression of how friendly the service staff or owners are. In Naha, I used a pocket wifi to have access anywhere, and I would recommend the same approach for other visitors.