Okinawa Cafes

Naha (Okinawa) Coffee Walk

This is a shortlist of independent coffee roasters and coffee shops in central Naha (accessible on the Yu-Rail). As an amateur coffee enthusiast and digital nomad, I factor locations for coffee quality, remote work suitability, and the subjective impression of how friendly the service staff or owners are. In Naha, I used a pocket wifi to […]

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Anime and Otaku

Takamatsu Anime Locations for Ohenro and Poco’s Udon World

A loose anime location post for the Shikoku pilgrims (henro), otaku and udon fanatics who visit Takamatsu, where the anime Udon no Kuni Kiniro Kemari is set. For travellers, this post can serve as cultural context as you look for the exact view the anime shows, while the Shikoku Pilgrimage aruki-henro can reminisce about the familiar locations such as Yashima-ji that they passed during their walk.

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