Henro Day 36: July 26

Furu-Takamatsu (古高松) → Shido 志度 →Furu-Takamatsu (古高松) Temples: 84 (Yashima-ji 屋島寺), 85 (Yakuri-ji 八栗寺), 86 (Shido-ji 志度寺) Weather: Sunny Travel Method: Walking + Train Distance: 12.6 km (+ 3.1 km) Sleep, glorious sleep. Last night at around 8pm, I passed out from exhaustion and aches when there was still an evening glow. When I drifted awake at 4am, I still had creaky knees and sore muscles. By 7am, I roll out of my futon with taught legs. But by the time I head out, the cold shower has purged the memory of yesterday’s injuries from my limbs. I practically skip from my…

Henro Day 31: July 21

Shikokuchuo City (四国中央市) –> Kanonji City(観音寺市) Temples: 68 Jinne-in (神恵院), 69 Kannon-ji (観音寺), 70 Motoyama-ji (本山寺) Weather: Cloudy + Drizzles Travel Method: Walking (+Car, Cable Car, Train) Distance: 19.2 (+40km) Two big, heavy, onigiri courtesy of the hotel! I stow them in my backpack and finish the rest of my cheese and bread breakfast in the lobby. The guest laundry is waving outside on the veranda. I message friends using the hotel WiFi. An hour drips by. The more I sit, harder it is to dislodge myself. I’d originally planned to detour 2 kilometres for an onsen en route, but I probably won’t have time anymore….