IGLA All Out Eaton Workshop HK

Hong Kong LGBTQ Travel Advocacy Conference – Miles of Love Highlights

An event recap for the Miles of Love LGBTQ travel advocacy forum organized by Planet Ally and All Out as a part of Pink Season Hong Kong 2018, hosted by Eaton HK. Presenters included a TED Fellow, CEOs, members of Pussy Riot, founders of NGOs, trans FIFA and Paralympian athletes, co-founder of an LGBT cryptocurrency, LGBT Token, and many more.

LGBTQ Asian Gay Pride Parade 安比小姐

Gay and Lesbian Resources in East Asia

A working list of LGBTQ information and resources for China, Japan (travel, living), Taiwan, and Hong Kong from a gay / lesbian / bisexual Chinese Canadian. If you have any tips, information, and directories, please send them over! Preference is for sites with English, or are relatively easy to navigate even if not. Some great non-English resources are included to get people started. My Posts: 10 Best Things about Being Gay and Lesbian in East Asia LGBTQ Decision Making Approaches for Asia Gay and Lesbian Tokyo: A Brief Guide (Updated 2018) LGBTQ Living in Japan: A Guide for Work, Queer…

Henro Day 18: July 8

Michi-no-Eki Bios Oogata 道の駅ビオス おおがた → Shimonokae 下ノ加江 Temples: None Weather: Cloudy + Rain Travel Method:  Walking Distance: 28 km Last night was meh. That one word synthesises a relatively comfortable spot (under a table), feeling comfortable (mostly not too hot or cold), a full belly (from snacks), general feeling of safety (could see incoming traffic), and a decent 8 hours of sleep (broken). After forcing myself to sleep despite the sheen of sweat on my forehead, I drifted awake when the cool air sank in. The two hours before dawn are chilliest. The blackness and cold have reached their maturity. It’s often only when…