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SCAJ Tokyo Coffee Convention 2016 Recap

Recap of the SCAJ Tokyo Coffee Convention (SCAJ 2016) in October, which had over 200,000 attendees over 3 days at the Tokyo Big Sight in Odaiba. With an entry fee of a mere ¥1000 with a pre-registration, visitors had access to unlimited tastings of Japan’s, and the world’s, best coffee suppliers. Check out the photos below on what to expect. Even though this event seems like a “trade show”, coffee fans will be delighted by the variety of quality beans, drinks, and equipment to try. Over 100 exhibitors. Even though this classifies as a trade show, the admission fee is a mere…

Gumtree Coffee Tokyo Cappuccino

Tokyo Cafes: Gumtree Coffee

At an nondescript gunmetal grey corner, professionals just outside the manic Tokyo city centre can get a great cup of coffee at Gumtree. This small, lost corner of central Tokyo bordering Ginza and Tsukiji remains relatively quiet, making it a great place to work. Of course, the busy can simply buy a take-out coffee. Those who want to work or catch up with friends can head up to the 2/F seating area. Gumtree Coffee serves beans from Single Origin Roasters in Australia. They have daily single origin and blend beans for Aeropress. I tried the cappuccino, and the beans have a nutty flavour to…

Tokyo Cafes: MUTO Coffee Roastery

Located on the side of Nakano, West Tokyo, with young couples and hip mothers, MUTO Coffee Roastery faces an auspicious Shinto shrine and cultural centre. The cafe sits in an alley off the main artery of pedestrians searching for a food establishment to suit their mood. MUTO’s minimalist white storefront with green vines snaking up the side only strikes the viewer facing it head-on. Swinging the door open, one is flanked by the roaster on the left, brewing equipment on the right, and beans in the display just in front. Deeper inside, one sees the wooden bar, chairs, and tables that…

Glitch Coffee and Roasters Tokyo Macchiato

Tokyo Cafes: Glitch Coffee

Right in the heart of Jimbocho, central Tokyo, is an independent cafe and roastery, Glitch Coffee. Their weekly selection is sitting right at the entrance greeting every customer. El Salvador Santa Rita for their white espressos Costa Rica Las Lajlas Natural Rwanda Coko Bourbon Guatemala Santa Clara Natural Ethiopia Kochere Washed You can check out their roasts on their website and updates on their Facebook Page. Off the menu, they still have their Ethiopian Tchembe, which had caught my eye at the Tokyo Coffee Festival 2016 last weekend. Right behind the jars is a corresponding glass filter,  glass jars, and professional scales….